City Parks in San Antonio Texas

With all of San Antonio, Texas experiencing a record breaking drought and the Edwards Aquifer reaching levels not seen in thirty years, City Officials have made the tough decision to close all city parks that use well water as a result of their efforts to conserve water.

City officials were faced with the tough choice of either closing many city parks or seeing a number of them go without clean drinking water. The Park system is very important to San Antonio’s way of life so it was decided that letting several go without potable water would be unacceptable.

In efforts to not cut back on conservation practices they have begun shutting off drinking fountains at several unnamed parks as well as refusing to fill up any new lakes for fishing. They also plan to only mow overgrown grass when it is absolutely necessary.

It is hoped that by taking these steps, the city’s water supply will be able to last at least through the end of the summer months. This move comes as a bitter pill to swallow for many San Antonians who are used to seeing clear waters and cool shade everywhere they go in their own backyards. It seems like everyone has fond memories of cooling off under shady trees on hot summer days or spending lazy afternoons fishing with family and friends. While most agree that this should not be how people spend their summer, there was no other choice due to our poor rainfall this year.

City parks officials stated that if we do not see more rain soon then many of our larger parks will have no choice but to close down. They are optimistic that the water supply itself has not been compromised yet since it takes several months for rainfall to drain into the aquifer.

It is hoped by all park goers in San Antonio, Texas that the weather gods will be kind enough to provide some showers before August arrives so these beloved outdoor spaces can return to their full glory once again.

City officials have stated that while most city parks are closed they would still welcome people who wish to fish at any one of two hundred eighty six public fishing piers throughout the area.

Here are the list of City Parks in San Antonio TX to be closed down temporarily due to water conservation efforts:

·         Alamo Quarry Market Park

·         Brackenridge Park Golf Course

·         Braunig Lake Natural Area

·         Bulverde Grove Park

·         Camp Bullis Military Base

·         Chacon Creek Greenway Trail

·         China Grove Dog Park

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Additionally, San Antonio citizens are all too familiar with the sight of brown grass and waterless creeks. However, almost years ago to the day (July 31, 2012), officials resorted to warning city residents not to even touch the water in any of these sources because they were so dirty. There were many fatalities caused by people drinking this contaminated water or using it to cook food for their families. City Officials said that if they want perfect drinking water then they must pay significant fees to the manufacturer who would treat the tap water to ensure that it does not contain dangerous levels of bacteria.

Also, you may remember that City Officials were forced to send out warnings at the beginning of this year (January 1, 2013) that everyone needed to cut back on their water usage because we were in a serious drought. They did not want anyone taking showers longer than five minutes and washing only full loads of laundry and dishes.

As it stands right now, many residents are concerned about our current water storage levels and how much longer until we get some relief from this never ending heat wave. For example, Ella Springer stated “It’s too hot outside to even go swimming; I don’t know what people will do with themselves all day.” This is a common sentiment among San Antonio residents who are used to spending every spare minute they have relaxing outdoors during the summer months.

In fact, some residents have been opting to stay indoors as much as possible and only go outside at night when the temperature is a bit cooler. By no means do most people wish for rain as it would cause them further problems with flooding in the streets and over development of creeks that were once home to fish and other wildlife. City Officials state that if we keep up our water conservation efforts then we should be fine until the fall. However, many citizens are uncertain about their future plans because they don’t know how long this drought will last or whether or not there will be any permanent damage done to our city’s already delicate ecosystem from these most recent shortages.

Today, many residents are making weekend plans to travel outside of San Antonio in order to cool off. It has reached the point where people are willing to take long road trips out of state just so they can get away from all this hot weather. Others have taken jobs that would put them closer to beaches and water parks throughout the country just so they can enjoy themselves despite what is going on back home.

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