Is it Important to have Cremation Services?

Modern day cremation services have been gaining popularity in recent times. Around 4 million bodies are cremated each year in the United States alone according to a study conducted by the National Funeral Directors Association. The rate of cremation is increasing with each following year at about double the rate of previous years, and it seems that this trend will continue.

Why is Cremation so Popular these Days?

According to the same study, there are several reasons for this increase in cremations. One of them is the fact that people prefer cremation over other funeral options because it’s cheaper than having a traditional burial service where all expenses will be included such as fees for casket and grave digging, transportation costs to take the body to the cemetery location, headstone/grave marker, flowers etc. If you don’t want any of these expenses then why go through all that hassle when you can cremate your loved ones and even use some of the money you’ve saved up on yourself?

Another reason why cremation services are popular is because it requires less land space which means more people can be buried in a cemetery. In many areas where land space has been exhausted, cremation is the only alternative if one wishes to have their loved ones buried in that particular graveyard.

In addition to this, another significant reason why people prefer cremation over other forms of burial is because it doesn’t require for a casket or headstone/grave marker to be present at the site where the body’s going to be laid. All you need is an urn which can be kept anywhere even in your home and everyone will simply assume that your loved one who passed away went on a nice trip somewhere because nowhere does it state that he/she died! That’s just one less hassle you’d have to deal with when someone close to you passes away.

But of course, there are still traditionalists out there who are against cremation services because they believe that it goes against what has been taught to us by the Church. They feel that this new trend is disrespectful towards the dead and our loved ones. But these days more people are coming around with their own unique ways of celebrating the life and passing of a loved one and keep cremation as part of their celebratory traditions. There’s no harm in keeping your departed loved ones close to you, after all we will eventually lose everyone we love so items like Urns which contain ashes or even full body coffins for those who prefer open casket funerals provide an option for you to keep such keepsakes at home instead!

Where can I go to get Cremation Services?

Cremation services are popular these days so there are several options available if you’re looking for a service provider. Some of the most common choices would be funeral homes, cemeteries, crematoriums and even some medical facilities have it as part of their services. You can also opt to do-it-yourself or simply have your own urn filled but this may be restricted in some areas because there are rules against spreading human ashes at certain locations for environmental reasons.

Are all Cremations the same?

Generally no, not unless you have it done by yourself which is also known as Do-It-Yourself or DIY cremation. If your choice is to entrust the cremation of your loved one to a service provider then they should be able to provide you with several options.

For example, if you simply want to use an urn for storage instead of scattering ashes in open water bodies or mountains because it’s much better looking at the urn than seeing hundreds of people carrying small boxes containing human ashes during their next trip, then go for small sized services where only minimal items are present such as casket, necessary chemicals used during the process and perhaps flowers. If on the other hand you would like to have an open casket funeral then aside from what has been mentioned above, ask whether the service provider can provide embalming services if required or not. Typically closed casket funerals don’t require embalming but it can’t hurt to inquire about this beforehand.

If you plan on scattering ashes in an open water source then remember that the remains will dissolve at a faster rate compared to ashes scattered in soil so ask your service provider whether they have various sized urns to accommodate different types of services or not because if they don’t have then you may have to buy one from them. This is why it’s good to enquire about all the possible additional costs you might encounter first before having a final quote for the entire cremation process!

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