Mission Del Lago a Neighborhood in San Antonio TX

The median age in Mission del Lago is 39, and the median household income is $48,094. Most people in this neighborhood own their homes. This neighborhood has quite a few duplexes, so if you are into that type of home or investment then this might be the right place for you to visit.

Real estate in the area began taking off around 2009, with an average home price of $232,000 at that time We’ll have to wait and see how it increases since its up-and-coming status. For now it’s predicted to continue climbing steadily for at least another year or two before slowing down again possibly due for another big upswing.

The neighborhood offers a variety of homes and styles: condos, apartments, single family homes and townhouses.

Mission del Lago isn’t far from local dining establishments, shops and grocery stores; it’s nearby to bases like Fort Sam Houston Army Base and the Medical Center; it’s also nearby to public places like Walmart Supercenter, North Star Mall and The Rim Shopping Center. All within 10 miles or less away from the area. It is about 14 miles (22 km) north of Downtown San Antonio.

Sterling Homebuilders has been developing homes in this area for several years now as well as other big name companies such as Pulte Homes Inc., Highland among others which you can learn more about by visiting the following link.

This neighborhood has received excellent ratings from residents who have resided here for some time now, with high rankings on both the Diversity Index and the Livability Index.

The length of Mission del Lago is 4.8 miles (7.5 km), and it’s situated at an elevation of 544 feet (166 m) above sea level, according to Wikipedia .

Sterling Homes which is one of the most popular homebuilders in this area recently decided to build more modern homes with designs that were very appealing to today’s buyers, taking advantage of what the market demands are today instead of sticking to traditional styles; they offered more contemporary floor plans for “active adults” who didn’t want their grandkids to have to climb stairs to get into a bedroom or deal with the hassle of too many steps.

Mission del Lago is made up 1,040 single family homes, along with condos and town homes that were built between 1995 and 2013. These houses are 1 to 3 stories tall with base prices ranging from $171,760 for a 1 story condo to $404,900 for one of these so called “active adult” style homes which offer 2 levels plus a basement. The largest floor plan by square feet in this neighborhood goes all the way up 6697 sq/ft., while the smallest is only 633 sq/ft.. There are 10 different homebuilders who have built here over time bringing an assortment of styles and types since 1995.

History of Mission del Lago

This 100-acre development was conceived in 1993 as a place for senior citizens to retire where they would have their own community complete with all the amenities required of such a place.

Mission del Lago is located in San Antonio’s Northside which has over 1,000 acres devoted to the area’s parks and recreational facilities that provide those who live there an easy access to those types of things that most cities have only dreamed about.

In January 1999, Mission del Lago became a member of one of the most prestigious housing associations known as “The Ranch”, with its headquarters in Houston. The Ranch serves as a central point for networking and social activities among neighbors; it offers an organized system for handling complaints and provides insurance coverage for the homeowner’s association.

Mission del Lago’s current president is Sharon Sellars, with its general manager Evelyn Rosario; they’re among some of the people who care most about all the senior citizens living here. They want to make sure they’ll always be treated like royalty and that their questions are answered in a prompt manner; it’s very important to them that every little detail counts because how you treat your residents is equally as important as what you do for them, so they work tirelessly towards achieving those goals.

The Ranch at Mission del Lago also has an executive committee which consists of President Sharon Sellars, Vice-president Belinda Gonzalez, Secretary Ana Maria Ortega and Treasurer Jeffery Craig. There are several committees that work autonomously managing their own projects; this is by design in order to provide better focus and foster creativity among certain areas of the community. Those committees are Activities, Welcome Wagon, Outreach, Beautification, Community Liaison (responsible for membership recruitment), Property Maintenance and Public Relations; each committee comprises of 15 members who are greatly involved in everything at Mission del Lago.

Today this is probably one of the nicest gated communities around, with its manicured lawns, top notch security and all kinds of amenities; most developments which were built in the past aren’t even comparable to what you’ll find at Mission del Lago. There are several community sponsored activities like dances, bingo games, luncheons, bridge clubs among others that help bring 80 plus year old people together who share common interests.

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