What Can Relatives do to the Ashes of the Deceased?


Relatives can do a number of things with the ashes of deceased loved ones. For example, they may keep them at home or scatter them somewhere special that was meaningful to their family member. However, there are many legalities surrounding what you can and cannot do with cremated remains in your state. If this is unclear to you, it would be best to speak with an attorney who specializes in wills & trusts about your options for getting answers on how relatives should proceed after a death has occurred.  There are many possibilities to explore with regards to what happens with the ashes of someone who has passed away.

Make and art out of them like painting or sculpting

Place them somewhere special like a park or lake that held meaning for this person.

Give them to people who want ashes from loved ones and then let their families decide what they wanted done with the remains after receiving them. This is not legal in all states so make sure you check if it’s allowed where you live before going about doing something like this yourself.  The possibilities are endless when trying to figure out what can be done with someone after death has occurred. It would be wise to contact an attorney specializing in wills & trusts before proceeding with any decisions on how best to handle the cremated remains of your family member, friend or relative as there may be some restrictions on options available depending on where you live at present time.

Memorial jewellery can be a wonderful way to feel close to a loved one again. Whether you choose a necklace, bracelet or ring, you will only need a tiny amount of your loved one’s ashes to create a beautiful keepsake.

Scattering a loved one’s ashes at sea can be a great send off, especially if they loved spending time at the beach or if they were a boating enthusiast. Most beaches and coastlines are accessible to the public and, unlike burial at sea, you do not require a license.

Getting a tattoo in memory of someone who has passed away has become very popular but there are a few tattoo studios in the UK which will help you take that idea one step further.

You can now get body ink which actually contains some of your loved one’s ashes. Some tattoo artists will mix a portion of the cremation ashes with ink to create a unique memorial tattoo that will permanently keep someone close to you.

Releasing doves after you have scattered a loved one’s ashes can be a simple but poignant way to say goodbye. There are a number of companies in the UK which offer this unique service and you may even want to write a personal message which the doves will carry after being released.

Sometimes less is more. You could stick to tradition and simply keep the ashes of your loved one in a cremation urn. There are plenty of decorative styles to choose from and you can also place special mementoes inside; such as a lock of hair, a personal message or even your wedding ring.

Whatever you decide to do with your loved one’s ashes, it’s best to discuss the options with other relatives beforehand. If you choose to scatter the ashes, you will need to ensure you have permission before proceeding.



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